Portugal part three. Ericeira and Lisbon

A week of hostels and parties has rendered me 100% exhausted. I’ve come to an Airbnb in Porto and I’m taking it easy. A thunderstorm is perfect weather to keep me in for a few hours and get back to writing. I’m in one of those phases where I’m not 100% calm and struggling to open a blank page and get going. 

I’ve spent the last week somewhat bumbling around Ericeira and Lisbon not doing all that much cause I’m tired. It’s definitely time to take some rest and head to the homeland. I’ve enjoyed it though, not putting too much pressure on to do too much and soaking up city vibes in a new way.

The last three and a half weeks haven’t been me travelling solo, they’ve have been me travelling with two brilliant girls. We’re all so different yet it really worked. We’ve had some wonderful times and conversations where we have all learnt a lot about ourselves and life. I feel lucky to have shared my time with them. 

I also feel very lucky to have had three days by the sea in Ericeira, a place that reminded me so much of home, so much of Falmouth and so much of Cornwall, yet was completely new. We met Sarah’s friends from home, partied, danced to Portuguese music in the street and sat on the beach and felt the sun crisp our skin. My hair got a lot blonder. My tan deepened. Ericeira was beautiful. Calm. Handsome.

There were some glorious sunsets and streets filled with the smell of sea salt which I’ll never tire of, and a day of mist that shrouded the town mirroring our hangovers. 

I loved it. I loved the colour palette. I loved how it made me feel. From there, I took the bus to Lisbon, where Sarah later joined me and our lovely friend Ellen joined us from Vida Pura, our last Workaway. 

We stayed in Yes! Lisbon and it was awesome. We met some great people, explored the sites, enjoyed the festival that is Brunch Electronik, and ate a pastry in Belem. A lovely few days. And thankfully, there was water to sit by. 

Now, it’s time for the last stop; Porto. 


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