Seville, Mairena del Alcor, marijuana and the journey to Portugal

Again and again, I’m reminded that it’s people that make or break an experience. People are what make me happy. This time, I rolled the dice and ended up with a bunch of stoners. It was an interesting experience. After three days and walking in to the kitchen to see the six hands of my host and two Italian wwoofers squishing marijuana in a bucket with ice, I realised though interesting, this wasn’t the experience for me.

Im riding a bus from Seville to Faro and the landscape is changing as we progress. Im constantly reminded this isn’t the lush greenery of France anymore. An idle donkey swings its tail in a field of sunburnt grass. On the horizon are industrial units, red roofs and yellow walls. Dry brush and hardy trees that can somehow thrive in this dense heat. No moisture is palpable. 

We come to cross the Portuguese border and I realise I haven’t got my passport to hand. Then I can’t find it in the bag I thought it was in. I was appropriately listening to a song called Paranoia, and then found the passport in the bag I had on my lap. A close call. 

My time in Seville (and surrounding area) was interesting. An experience I’m in no rush to repeat. Asked to sign a guest book before I left my Workaway, I struggled to find things to write about other than the heat. So that I did. The Workaway could’ve been wonderful but the timing, the weather and the other volunteers made a mix I wasn’t happy with. I didn’t feel like myself there. I didn’t feel good. 

I rushed back to Spain after feeling like my time there was cut short. I realise now, it’s impossible to pick up where you left off, and I’m not sure id even want that. Last time I was in Spain, I was one of two. Now I’m one and the memories I make and experiences I have are mostly mine alone. It’s different to what I know. I suppose that’s why I write more when I’m alone. Especially blogging; I want to share these experiences. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chris McCandless had something valuable to say when he wrote; happiness is only real when shared. It’s not that I can’t feel happy when I’m alone (I do, that’s why I suppose I have made it this far) but having likeminded people to laugh with is so valuable. I look forward to my next Workaway, and my next time to be social. The last few days have been very bizarre. 

It’s with this weird experience under my belt that I head to Portugal, to meet Sarah, an old friend from work, with whom I’ll share a few weeks working in a rural retreat. I’m excited to be away from Spain, the country I hurriedly rushed back to, and see a friendly face, a new country and a slight reduction in temperature. 40 degrees every day doesn’t best suit me, it seems. This trip is such a rollercoaster, but undoubtedly, the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m doing what I can to hold on to the train of time as it speeds away. Not long on this journey left.
To the pictures …


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