Exploring in Slovenia; what I saw from my workaway: Škocjanske jame, Gradišica, Materija and Kozina

My time in Slovenia been a real rollercoaster. I’ve seen some gorgeous sights, met some great people and faced some interesting challenges; through meeting new people, through bottling up my emotions and through working on a farm producing meat, when I don’t eat meat. It’s been over a month and I’m still struggling with the idea that I’m a solo traveller now. Because of that, I left my Workaway early and came to Ljubljana to a room with a bed and a grand old writing desk. I’m an introvert at heart, and whilst the idea of being on my own both excites me and petrifies me, sometimes, I just need a day or two in my own space on my own schedule. I’m lucky to have the option of doing this. 

I’m taking this time to review the last few weeks, the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. Here’s to my fourth Workaway! 

Wonderful family and people, photo by Sybille

First things first, I have seen some of the most gorgeous sights here. In my first weekend, I did the one things I wanted to do here, which was see some of the caves. Škocjanske jame (or Škocjan Caves to you and me English folk) were incredible – a word I don’t throw around lightly. You can’t take pics inside but it looks like this: https://goo.gl/images/78rHZa

Also, the surrounding hikes were gorgeous. 

There is a row of little hikers walking around this, giving you a look at the scale of the thing!
I’m getting browner by the day

I’ve also been exploring the area around Gradišica, the little village where I am staying, too. When they said don’t miss a sunset here, they were so right. Each day was a marvel with views for miles and miles:

I’ve also had some wonderful times with the family with whom I’ve stayed, and with some of the other volunteers I’ve worked with:

And being here enabled me to see other parts of Slovenia – the bits I otherwise wouldn’t have. I walked to neighbouring villages, ate many ice creams in Kozina and took a lift to Izola to reconnect with the sea:

Izola is a picture-perfect seaside town that was once a walled island. Once the wall was torn down, the material filled the gap between island and land and created the town as it is today known. It’s beautiful. I swam in the sea on my own and felt totally liberated (til I swam into the rocks) and loved it. 

Taking the train back, I concluded my final weekend. I want to thank my hosts; Metka and Bogdan, and my fellow volunteers; Charlotte, Sybille and Celine, for making my stay enjoyable and helping me realise change is needed. Here’s to the next adventure. 


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