Slovenia. Working on a farm is a full time job. 

So I’ve arrived at Workaway number 4 and it’s an experience far from anything previous. The first day was 9 hours long and I ended up with the worst sunburn of the trip, the worst headache and consumed an abnormally large amount of white foods. Dinner was eggy bread. It’s since improved but pasta is our daily staple. 

Our main task so far has been to weed and I have weeded lettuces like I’ve never weeded lettuces before. It’s therapeutic. I’m listening to podcasts all day. I’m seeing the positive in challenging situations and changing my perspectives on things yet again. 

Also, when the view is like this, it’s not all that bad. 

The farm doesn’t just host vegetables, it also is home to cows, sheep, goats, chickens turkeys rabbits and two dogs. This is a challenge for me. Even though it’s organic, and natural and the animals are well fed, I can’t wrap my head around wanting to end their life to satisfy my tastes. Definitely making me think about heavy stuff and pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

We are based in one of the most gorgeous areas, 700m above sea level and the top of a hill between rolling valleys and peaks in the distance. You can even see the sea from the walk to the fields. I’ll take a photo of that when it’s not raining!

Walking here is a pure joy and I walked with Charlotte, a fellow volunteer to an abandoned church atop a hill, where, despite the clouds and mist, the views were incredible. 

Our hosts are a lovely family of 8 including these two adorable little boys, Patrick and Jonas. So cute. 

I’m appreciating these long days where I can think about everything, think about now, and think about the future. Work in the fields and invest time in self development and self awareness through listening to podcasts and really take the time to think about my wants, needs and what my future might hold. Despite long days on the farm, I’m finding so much value in that. 

Despite it being a tiny place, there’s a great sense of community, and each Friday, we go to the “club”, a little community centre where everyone drinks beer, eats sausages, catches up and plays the Slovenian equivalent of bowls. I had a great conversation with Sybille and Charlotte about life, love, fear and families. There was also a beautiful sky backdrop after a day that started with rain. 

It’s now Saturday and today we will be taking a healthy snack cooking course with the hosts, and later I’ll adventure further into the wilderness, being mindful of wolves and bears!! It’s truly wild here, and I love it. 


3 thoughts on “Slovenia. Working on a farm is a full time job. 

    1. Totally, totally would recommend Workaway. The best experiences all over the world. You don’t need any skills which is why it’s great! Some people need carpenters or plumbers etc, but most places are good for everyone. If you have any questions, let me know 🙂

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