Dubrovnik; a short stay in Croatia ft. sun, sea, sand and sweat.

Croatia was an unplanned country on this journey, but one I’m glad to have seen a bit of over the last few days. We visited Dubrovnik which was interesting, but I feel, for my budget and expectations, relatively quickly exhausted. The coast is what really shines here – above the old town and its obsession with using Game of Thrones to get people to buy and do everything. The coast is sublime. So beautiful. Even when we arrived and the weather was grey, it was spectacular. 

The city architecture is interesting, and the streets are too. Mostly avenues winding up and between houses into the hills.. Dubrovnik may as well be called step city. 

It was also the first destination on the trip without the euro and I loved the money here, though whenever you’re spending hundreds on something it feels weird. Even when 100kn is only £10. 

The best thing I did in Dubrovnik was take a half day kayaking tour with my favourite travel bud, Marlie. We finally, after two weeks, managed to get a photo tgether too – shame it’s not the best. We kayaked to a little bay where we snorkelled for a bit and I saw some nice little fishes and got a mouthful of sea water when I was drawn to look at the seabed where the plants living on the rocks looked like little satellite dishes. We then kayaked to a beach bar for a beer and it tasted GOOD.

Despite kayaking giving me a bit of a workout, the biggest challenge was in fact scaling the mountain to take the cable car down. So hot, so exhausting, and so sweaty but so worth it. 

These mountains (above) are actually in Bosnia. This part of Croatia is incredibly narrow. 

Getting the cablecar back down was fun and worth the £7 it cost, if only to save me from walking back down the mountain in my wrong choice of footwear and lack of adequate water supplies. I learnt my lesson. 

Dubrovnik was fun. An interesting interlude, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work when I head to my next Workaway tomorrow. Here comes Slovenia and three weeks of farming! 


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