A change of plans, sun, sea and sand

I didn’t ever plan to visit the Costa Brava but of course, plans change and for four days I found myself shaking sand out of my shorts and nursing peculiar sunburns where I’d missed sunscreen. We stayed in a hostel for three nights and whilst we had it mainly to ourselves, we also met weird people from across the world (from Algeria to Miami) and we walked…man, we walked. 

I didn’t give Spain the credit it deserves, as we walked, we saw pictures of places I thought were reserved for exclusive holiday brochures and didn’t really exist in real life. We watched people in kayaks paddle out solo and we stopped for a well deserved beer at a bar nestled in the cliffs. 

Spain’s been a big surprise. The main way? I really loved it. This is a really interesting country with such diversity within just a 100 mile radius, let alone even further afield. We’ve seen huge cities, medium towns and small villages cobbled together with streets only wide enough for one car to gingerly curve through. We watched the full moon on the coast near Roses. I met a newborn goat. Now, I’m having an unexpected beach holiday and I’ve developed freckles for the first time in my life. This is big. 

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a trip to Lloret de mar (unless you like being around British people and British pubs), but Canyelles is a lovely smaller version where beaches are shingle and the water is unbelievably clear and unbelievably clean. It keeps my faith in our chance to save the seas. There are also great walks. HILLY walks. Here are some photos from four days relaxing, taking stock and making plans. 


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