Rotterdam; shape, colour and size – a ramble and some pics. 

48 hours in Rotterdam flew by as we tried to re-align ourselves with city life after two of the happiest weeks in the Dutch countryside. Rotterdam is a melting pot of experimental architecture, rich and poor, culture and class. It’s so different to Amsterdam and so different to any other European city I have ever visited. Rotterdam also played host to the first museum of the trip; De Boijmans Museum. I have a love/hate relationship with museums and whilst parts of this one were wonderful (namely the ‘Let your hair down’ exhibit) I found myself fighting ornate frames to see the art underneath and battling with my thought that galleries shouldn’t cost €15 to enter. It’s not loads for a gallery, but after experiencing the art that is the wild and wonderful architecture in Rotterdam, I feel bothered that paying to be in the gallery puts me in a sect of society I’m not sure I want to be in. 

The gallery was worth wandering however, if only just to people watch the arty types. Rotterdam, also worth a visit, if only just to peruse the streets looking around for quirks and colours where you least expect them. We stayed at our first hostel of the trip too, Hostel Ani and Haakien on Coolestraat. A great social environment where we met some cool people with similar hopes and dreams; the hostel had the good and the bad – our room played host to the ventilation system so sleep was interrupted and left us wired after trying to replace lack of sleep with on-tap coffee in the morning. It took a lot of walking off. On to the pictures; whilst I sit here exhausted, rosy cheeked and awaiting our next adventure; they’ll probably tell a better story than I could. 

A statue to represetnt tolerance, this is a man living not far from here who was ostracised for his height, coming in at 237cm.


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