I am on the edge of mysteries and the veil is getting thinner and thinner

It’s amazing how time flies. When I gave my (compulsory three months) notice at work, leaving felt an age away, but all of a sudden, I have 5.5 working days left, and in 20 days, we’ll be in Europe.

At the weekend, I sold some of our remaining furniture, I sent the rest home with my parents (along with the remains of my sewing studio) and sorted out some of the small piles left to go through. The flat feels vast without ‘stuff’ everywhere. The trip is soon. Whilst we still need to acquire insurance and international SIMs, the first half of our trip is pretty much in place now. Our workaways are arranged and our travel is plotted, if not booked.

I am on the edge of mysteries and the veil is getting thinner and thinner

I finally feel, after months of craving it, that I am back faced with this grand potential; I see options, I see chance. I haven’t felt like this since my final term of university when the world felt like my oyster – when the future looked bright and ripe. The last year and a half has left me feeling stagnant, dwelling in my set lifestyle and unable to accept it as is. I hope, with the right job, this will one day be rectified, but for now, travel is the calling, and I’m excited for what we’ll learn.

I count down the days, and aim to make the most of each – my life in Manchester, the working world, and the people I know and like here. Soon, it’s all going to be very different.

This post was part of the 52 week’s of gratitude challenge, this is week 9.


Header image via Unsplash


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