An (overdue) introduction 

I equate this post to the awkward moment where you’ve been chatting with someone new for about ten minutes and haven’t yet asked their name. This is the missing precursory introduction. I, the writer, am Sarah.

In less than 7 weeks, our 2-bedroom, top-floor, tree-view flat will be empty. Our furniture will be sold, our precious items boxed up, our lives on our backs and the open road ahead. What began as a quick conversation around 8 months ago, has pretty quickly escalated from a great albeit distant idea, to one brought forward by a year, and one now only a month and a half away.

It was only going to be a matter of time before my fascination with adventure and escaping to the wild, manifested itself in my own journey. Whilst I queried other people’s desire to ‘abandon civilisation, the security of a monthly pay cheque, for a life in the wild’, I was also inadvertently querying a fundamental aspect of my own being. After spending a year working in an office, working long days of staring at screens and relying on coffee to give me some sense of stimulation, I became continually more aware of what a bizarre unnatural state the majority of us spend our days in; and all the more inclined to turn my back on it.

In June of last year, Stuart, my partner, asked if I ever felt I wanted to abandon everything and go travelling. My harboured desired were roused and we decided we’d go in March 2017. Plans soon changed when Stuart decided he’d be going back to uni in September 2016. To align our goals and our needs – for me to adventure, and for Stuart to re-train, we adjusted our plans and shuffled things forward. By a year. The plan now is for 5 months together, then around 10 months apart – I will continue on my own and Stu will return to study.

What makes me want to go? I’m a writer. Here’s my chance to go back to the drawing board, discover, read and write every day. Stuart is a painter, he wants to see new sites and see more of Europe’s art. We’d like to meet new people and learn the skills required to one day build our own self-sufficient place. This is why we’re travelling and this is why we’re volunteering. Staying with families, couples, on farms and in rural retreats. Learning what it means to live off-grid and what it means to truly live in harmony with the earth. We’re going on an adventure of learning and development. And we’re leaving our jobs to work our way. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us.


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