Setting a route for 159 days

So after saying I need to stop planning…here’s the plan (rolls eyes and sighs, I know, right?)

We started with a map and a piece of paper, then a bit of research and flicking through some books. We then looked at what was next to what and came up with a draft route. It was set, right?

It’s only recently, through looking at WorkAways, we realised that (I’m sure they would be very different), there might not be as much contrast as we first desired. With 3 places booked, we went back to the drawing board. Back to the maps and this time, relying on where we knew (off the top of our heads) that we wanted to go. We changed the route quite drastically, fitting around the 3 WorkAways we had already booked. Then, we changed it again. And again. Then one of our WorkAways cancelled on us, so we changed it AGAIN.

Here’s our new proposition:

Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam) – Germany (Hamburg, Berlin) – Portugal (Porto, Lisbon) – Spain (Madrid, Barcelona)  – Italy (Venice) – Switzerland (Bern, Zurich) – Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bovec) – Austria (Vienna) – Czech Republic (Prague) – Poland (Krakow) – Sweden (Stockholm)

We’ll see how long it sticks!



4 thoughts on “Setting a route for 159 days

  1. So sad you’re skipping Belgium… Haha no, it looks like a great plan! I think a little bit of planning is good, so you have an idea of how long to stay in one place if you want to visit all these countries 🙂
    I can’t believe one of the WorkAways cancelled on you! 😦


    1. We were going to be staying near the border close to Antwerp but we had to move it further north! I’d love to go to Belgium. We are missing so many places because we cannot afford to go – it’s tough!

      That’s our plan – so we have a rough outline to shape things! Yeah, it was for August as well so it was a bit odd. Fingers crossed the rest stay booked! 🙂


      1. Aw, that’s too bad! I’m sure it won’t be the last time you travel so there will be plenty of chances to go afterwards 😉
        That’s a good idea. Hmm, that really is odd, I’ll cross my fingers as well for the other places ^^


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