Things don’t always go to plan

One of the worst things about planning a trip these days is the reliance on computers. Most unfortunately, this typically equates to being indoors.

To counteract this, for today’s plan-off, we took to the bikes and headed 20 miles down the road to Buxton, where we set up camp in a coffee shop and got to work. Or so the plan was.

The bike ride was frustratingly miserable. Solid hills for 22 miles and mostly dual carriageway. Grey weather obscured potentially grand views. It’s 100% not one to do again. Our end destination was a also bit of a let down – vegan chilli at The Hydro consisted of warm chopped tomatoes mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese doritos. We then arrived at Caffe Nero to a good coffee but failing internet, so we did as much planning offline as we could and headed to get the train home; which ended up being £15 – a lot more than we expected. Sometimes, you don’t have the greatest day, and crucially, things don’t always go to plan. We must remember this as we devise our rigorous plan, route and costs for 5 months in Europe. Furthermore, it’s important to look into transport costs. Further furthermore, restaurant reviews tend to be right. The Hydro has 2.5 stars out of 5. I’d give it the same.


Today, I also received possibly the best timed automatic email ever from Nomadic Matt, entitled: How NOT to Plan For Your Trip. In a nutshell, he said “don’t get too caught up in your plans”.  He said:

The more you plan your trip, the more anxious you will be. You’re going to overwhelm yourself with so much information that you’re going to do nothing but stress instead of looking forward to your adventure.

I can say from vast experience that your plans will change anyway. 

Don’t make a lengthy plan. 

You won’t follow it anyway.

More interesting things and people pulled me in a different direction.

Nothing worked out as I planned. It worked out better. 

Take it from someone who has been there. Everything will work itself out and, in the end, you’ll wonder why you stressed out so much in the beginning. 

So, I want to say thanks, Matt. Tonight, I’m stepping away from the computer and watching The Lobster. A true night off, and one well needed.

Note: today’s image is one from the archives – a happier day’s cycling in the Lake District, featuring pink haired me


2 thoughts on “Things don’t always go to plan

  1. That’s why I chose “making plans and changing plans” as the ‘tagline’ for my blog (also, I couldn’t think of anything else). I keep planning things, though I know I never do what I planned. 😉 I think for me, it somehow makes me feel more secure, maybe. Or maybe plans are just back-up plans in reality, haha! ^^
    But true, don’t do too much planning. So many things can (and will) happen that you didn’t plan and that will change the rest of your plans. 😉

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