Welcoming 2016

I like making new year’s resolutions. I alway have, whether I’ve stuck to them or not. There’s something so wonderful about writing down either goals you want to meet or ways you want to improve your life, or those around you. Last year, Stu and I made resolutions together, and seperately, and while some have gone down the pan, others have changed our lives completely. We wanted to make a serious effort to eat more meat-free meals, and now, starting 2016, neither of us eat meat anymore.

But, now it’s time for this year’s. Somehow, publishing them online makes me feel like I have to achieve them even more! ┬áMy main struggle has been making resolutions that fit with travelling – I mean, my WHOLE life is going to change drastically this year. But, I have, and I ended up with a list so long, I had to condense it into subsections. For the purpose of the internet, I narrowed it down to the top 5. Here they are:

  1. take more care of myself – look after my body and skin better, focus on being calm
  2. be better to those around me – go the extra mile. call family and friends more often
  3. be more mindful – less wasteful and more thoughtful – write down each day what I’m grateful for. write every day.
  4. study more – complete at least 2 courses, and take time each week to practice my German
  5. be more active – include new exercises like yoga and running again

I’d love to hear yours – travel-related or not, and wish everyone the best for a happy, healthy new year.

Note: Header image by Kazuend via Unsplash


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