On travel tech

Following on from my packing list post, I did a lot of research into travel tech. Everyone seems to take laptops these days. For the longer term digital nomad, it makes total sense. But for me, as someone who will just be writing on the road and perhaps watching the occasional film, it seemed excessive….and also, I want to disconnect on this trip when and where I can.

I did wonder if I’d need anything; I have a big phone (from which I had posted a few blogs) but I am best typing with a computer, and if I want to do some freelance work, a phone isn’t going to cut it. So, I looked into it. I did a lot of online research and testing out in the shops, and decided on what I thought would be best value for what about I’d need.

What did I choose? The iPad mini 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard. Here’s my new little ‘computer’…

How do I find it?

Well, for a start, the whole thing measures just 21.3 x 14.3 x 1.7 cm and only weighs 450g. Compared to the 2.2kg of my old-school MacBook, I saved a load of weight and size. But most importantly, the size is perfect for writing word docs, watching films on buses and trains and it’s perfect for Skype and blogging. It also acts as a portable back up for photos, in case my phone gives up, and before I can get online to back up.

I made the most of Black Friday and got the 32gb iPad and the Anker Bluetooth keyboard for a pretty good deal. A bigger chunk out of the savings than I would’ve liked, but a realistic way to freelance if I can get any work.

I’ve been using it now for the past 2 months and I am so impressed. There’s a few things that bug me – namely apps which only work in horizontal format not landscape, but the actual iPad itself is excellent – I’m getting used to the condensed keyboard and I’m comfortable with the screen size. It’s quick, and small and sleek, and also – fits really nicely with my moleskines.


Note: Header image by Redd Angelo via Unsplash


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