24 hours in London with £50. A run through in reverse.

I went to London this weekend, I saw my budget and I smashed it. In all honesty it would’ve been a small miracle had I managed to adhere. I’d spent £30 before I even arrived on advance entry tickets to save myself some moolah. I also picked up some Christmas presents whilst the opportunity presented itself so I didn’t have to exert the painful labour back in Manchester, navigating the Arndale Centre on a lunch-break time limit. So, for that reason, I half forgive myself. I also half don’t because ‘travelling in 5 months’; it’s time I got my shit together.

All in all, even with the extra £35 spent (sigh), London was lovely.

We endured the false blood-spitting American-English accents of four actors and one stage set in Pig Farm which truly had its laughs but had a lot more I feel I should be laughing now but it’s just not that funny’ moments. We ate at Wagamamas which was predictable tasty and hasty. We picked up snacks from M&S and they were not just wine gums, they were veggie wine gums. We then walked back to the tube through deserted streets that reeked of fear in an age where desolation signals panic rather than peace.

I’ve got to say that contactless card payment for tube journeys is an excellent way to not realise how much you spend on travel, but also an excellent way to avoid ticket fever at un-opening gates, and avoid general queue-life. I missed talking to the overwhelmingly knowledgeable cockney tube staff and truly feel a prior joy of mine has now been lost.

The Design Museum reminded me that sometimes my industry is cool, despite the corruption and award-culture. An exhibition on cycling was a joy – mostly, the parts looking at your everyday bike users and what cycling means to them. For me, it’s freedom and pride in my big thighs.

Prior to the Design Museum, I walked from London Bridge along the bank of the Thames and took some excellent photos of Tower Bridge (if I do say so myself) and realised for the first time in many visits that London is excellent. It’s a strong city, a bold city, and built up of such a variety of everything – from people and cafes through to bricks and barbers – that I enjoy just going as a voyeur.

Other activities ticked off the list included catching up with a best friend over late night green tea and reservation-only brunch where beans on toast and a black coffee set me back £10.50. Sometimes London is totally balls.

In all I spent £85 pounds which was one theatre ticket, one museum entry ticket, four tube journeys, two meals out, 2 Christmas presents and 16 Christmas cards. So, not that bad really, but I could’ve done it better. Every day’s a school day.



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